Energy Efficiency

We Provide Complete Energy Management Solutions!

This page is currently under construction, but please scroll down for more the latest information on our exciting products.  We offer a unique hot water heating system in addition to our solar products.  Please check out out blog pages for more detailed information and testing.  We’re sure that you will agree that we are the leader in the Low Country for providing total energy management solutions.

Solar Products

One thing we have in South Carolina is plenty of sun!  With energy prices and consequently our power bills going up every year, it makes sense for us to make use of this valuable, free resource.  Solar tax credits of 55% have made it cost effective to upgrade to solar systems to reduce your power bill and carbon footprint.  At Barrus Heating and Air, we offer solar PV (electric), water heating and HVAC systems.

Solar HVAC Systems

We are one of the first installing dealers in the Southeast of solar heating and cooling systems.  Our system uses a high efficiency multi-stage hvac system with a solar thermal collector panel that uses UV light for energy – so it even works on cloudy days.


The solar collector superheats the system refrigerant which reduces the workload of the compressor.  By lowering the compressor load, power consumption is reduced which saves you energy AND money!  Energy efficiency ratings as high as 32 SEER have been acheived with this system.

Our solar HVAC systems come as either heat pump or air conditioning systems and are covered by a full 10 year parts warranty.

Solar HVAC systems qualify for Federal and South Carolina tax credits.

  • Federal Tax Credit 30% of entire installed system cost
  • SC Tax Credit of 25% of entire installed system cost

By taking advantage of these tax credits, you get 55% off the entire system cost which makes your super high efficiency system cost about the same as a 17 SEER system!!