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Projects to improve energy efficiency

DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes

This spring we partnered with Amerisips Constructors to build homes that set a new standard in energy efficiency.  These homes come with a LEED, EnergySTAR and Zero Energy Ready certifications. This summer, the DOE awarded the “Housing Innovation Award”

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EnergySTAR Rated Homes

In July, we became one of the few HVAC companies in the Lowcountry to be EnergySTAR certified.  This means that we have the credentials and ability to allow your entire home to be EnergySTAR certified.  We can work with your

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Solar Heat Pump Systems!

We are one of the few contractors in South Carolina now certified to install SOLAR heat pump systems.  These solar systems boast efficiencies up to 32 SEER and are effective in the heating and cooling seasons. Solar systems qualify for

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