Solar Heat Pump Systems!

We are one of the few contractors in South Carolina now certified to install SOLAR heat pump systems.  These solar systems boast efficiencies up to 32 SEER and are effective in the heating and cooling seasons.

Solar systems qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit plus a 25% Tax Credit from South Carolina.  These credits can be rolled over multiple years if they consume your entire tax liability for the year.

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The Best Air Filters

The best air filters for your system are the fiberglass fiber filters.  Yes, I’m talking about the cheap ones!  I know, we normally expect that the more you spend on the product the better it is.  With air filters, the pleated and more expensive air filters are actually more restrictive.  This causes the air flow to be decreased throughout your house and the system output is proportionally decreased.

Try this – put a straw in your mouth and try running.  I bet your performance suffers when restricting your air flow.  The same thing happens with your HVAC system.

If you are concerned about indoor air quality consider installing a GPS plasma air purifier.  This product will take care of the indoor air quality and reduce oders in the house without reducing air flow.  It’s what I use in my house!

So go out and get those cheap filters and improve performance!!!  If you would like more dense free-flow filters, stop by the shop to buy our professional grade filters at a great price.


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