COVID-19 Update

We’ve been getting some calls wondering if we are still open. The answer is YES we are. We know that we provide an essential service and we are here for you. You’ll notice our technicians are wearing personal protective equipment and taking extra precautions. In addition, we are not allowing any visitors to the office at this time except deliveries.

Our equipment and material supply has been unaffected by the virus. Our distributors and manufacturers have been taking the steps necessary to ensure safety and the supplies we need.

Thanks, Bill

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Summerville HVAC Repairs and Maintenance Can Save You Money

Your heating and cooling system might just be one of the most costly elements in the entire house. It makes sense to keep it running efficiently so that you get as many years of trouble-free performance that you can. The following HVAC repairs and maintenance tips should help to extend the life of the system and save you money in the long run.

One of the easiest ways that you can keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently is to simply inspect and then change the air filters. Start with the air filter inside the main unit itself. Carefully remove the air filter and inspect it at least every 30 days. If it is clean, check it again in 15 days. Check the air filters inside the home on the return vents too. If they can not be cleaned, replace them so the flow of air is not interrupted.  Research has shown energy savings of up to 5% for keeping your AC filters clean.

Find the outside unit and make sure there is nothing within two feet of the unit that could be disrupting air flow. If there is grass growing into the unit, trim it back and make sure the outside fins are free of debris. If there are twigs or debris trapped inside the unit that could be interfering with the flow of the fan blades, turn off the power to the unit and clean it.

Listen closely to the main unit for odd noises. It might just be that some of the screws that hold the outer casing in place have come loose and the rattling is actually sounding worse than it is. Tighten all the screws and periodically listen to make sure the system runs quietly during the day when it is in operation.

Take the time to research local HVAC repair companies, then schedule an appointment to have your system inspected. The reason that you want to have a professional like Barrus Heating and Air at your home looking at the unit at least twice a year is because they can use their expertise to spot trouble while it is a minor repair and fix it quickly before it becomes a big emergency later in the year. They will lubricate moving parts, change belts, and address any connection issues they discover during the HVAC inspection.

Now you see how simple it really can be to preserve the integrity of your heating and cooling system. A little effort on the front end will certainly save you a lot of money on the back end.

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Outdoor Camera Demonstration

Check out the video just added that demos the color wifi web control and what can be done with a connected outdoor camera.  Click HERE and scroll down.  We’ll be adding more videos later, but give us a call if you have any questions.

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Nexia Wifi Cameras

Late last year, Nexia changed it’s policy and started allowing UNLIMITED cameras to be used without charge. This allows our customers with Color Wifi thermostats to use indoor and outdoor cameras with unlimited streaming service. For $1.99 per month, you get 12 GB of data storage so you can save your videos.

With data storage, you can use the outdoor camera with motion sensor to record any movements in the sensing zone. Most people are using this to monitor their front porch. It is a great way to know when a delivery is made or when someone comes home.

You can buy the cameras at and easily install them yourself. Here are some links:

Outdoor Camera

Indoor Camera

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R22 Refrigerant Phase Out and Pricing

The pricing for the old R22 refrigerant has been rising sharply since the middle of 2016.  Our suppliers are reporting difficulties at times in being able to purchase this refrigerant.  As a result, we have seen the cost double in the last few months.    The EPA mandated R22 phaseout began in 2010.

We expect R22 pricing to be very volatile in 2017.  As we cannot predict future availability and pricing, please consider carefully any repairs made to the sealed system of old R22 systems.  While we will continue to service these systems at the best price possible, please consider upgrading to the newer R410a refrigerant if a major repair is necessary.


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Indoor Air Quality Testing

We are now offering residential and commercial indoor air quality testing.  We have partnered with a certified labratory and invested in the equipment so we can test for mold, formeldyhide and other VOC’s.  A 17 page detailed report is provided by the lab once the sample has been analyzed.   This new service allows us to identify problems and their potential sources to ensure your home or office is safe.

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Bill and Scott at Mitsubishi Training

Bill and his technician Scott just spent two days in Atlanta for Mitsubishi ductless training.  We love this great technology and look forward to sharing it with our customers.

Here is a picture of (L to R):  Scott Clark, David Esoldo-Regional Mitsubishi Rep and Bill Barrus

Mitsu Training Pic


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Mitsubishi Ductless

The new Mitsubishi ductless systems now achieve up to 30.5 SEER!!

These new systems can sense when people are in the space being conditioned.  This allows them to be set up to change the temperature when no one is in the room.  A great application for this would be a FROG that is only occupied part time.  The air conditioner would set back the temperature when no one is in the room….saving additional money.  The unit can also be setup to direct air flow towards or around people in the room for additional comfort.

This is a great new product with efficiency that is almost impossible to beat.  They qualify for a $300 SCE&G rebate whether installed in a current house or as new construction!

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DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes

This spring we partnered with Amerisips Constructors to build homes that set a new standard in energy efficiency.  These homes come with a LEED, EnergySTAR and Zero Energy Ready certifications.

This summer, the DOE awarded the “Housing Innovation Award” for energy efficiency and indoor air quality to Amersips in the custom builder category.

We continue to be committed to offering the latest technology and stay at the leading edge of energy efficiency.



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EnergySTAR Rated Homes

In July, we became one of the few HVAC companies in the Lowcountry to be EnergySTAR certified.  This means that we have the credentials and ability to allow your entire home to be EnergySTAR certified.  We can work with your builder so that not only are individual appliances in your home are certified….we ensure and certify the whole house works together efficiently.

This gives the homeowner the benefit of knowing the house as a whole is designed and built efficiently.  EnergySTAR provides a label for your house once the process has been independently certified.

We are proud to offer this certification and peace of mind that the job is done right!

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